Free Workshop

Free? Really? Yes 100% free

No upsell later. No premium section or advanced level down the line you have to pay for. The lessons cross-link quite a bit but always to free, openly available information. You get 6 lessons in 6 weeks for the price of your email address (because how else am I am going to send you the lessons).

And no, you will not then get weekly, monthly or any other cadence of emails. 7 emails (there is a bonus at the end). If there is some big update (such as a live workshop) then you would occasionally receive follow up emails (likely once a year at this point). If you don’t want those, feel free to keep the 6 lessons and then unsubscribe.

Why free?

Because I want to be a teacher and sharing my ideas is the first step.

Because I appreciate when other people share their ideas freely with me and I want to do the same.

And I decided I want to make money on my books, not my ideas about how to write.

If you take the workshop and want to give something back, you can buy one of my books. Leave a review (either for the workshop or for a book). Tell your writer friends about how an agile first draft helped you and send them my way.

Either way, enjoy the lessons. Write bravely. And have fun!

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