.an iterative approach to creating the first draft of a novel or short story
.developed from agile methodology in software
.adapted to creative writing projects


marked by ready ability to move with quick easy grace

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Get to the end of the story in less time.

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Change the climax. Fill plot holes. Alter entire scenes with fewer words to change.

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Analyze Early

See what's not working and what needs work faster and with less effort.

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Stress less

Don't get stuck. Make story decisions only when you need them. Don't become overwhelmed with what comes next.

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The Agile First Draft method was developed by Annie Jackson as the subject for her Master’s thesis in Creative Writing, “The Advantage of an Iterative Writing Process for Novels and Short Stories.”

Annie is a young adult author who enjoys writing across genres including high fantasy, science fiction and urban fantasy. She is a former denizen of the entertainment industry where she worked in film and tv production.

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